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Collaborative Solutions

Are your managers burnt out? Is there strife in the office? Friction between departments? 

Let's face it, working together is hard. Even more so now, as we strive to meet values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety. 


You want a team that works well together. A team that's focused on innovation, efficiency, and collaboration. Ultimately, you want your team to solve business problems not create problems. 


We have solutions. 


At Collaborative Lead Training we untangle these concepts and more, to set your team up for success. We prepare your team with tools and strategies for working together so you can get back to focusing on business. 

We deliver

  • short trainings to address immediate skill gaps with individuals or your team.

  • long-term strategies working with you and your team to develop vision, values, mission - essential teambuilding elements.

  • support with large project collaborations working with your team and other stakeholders. 

If you don't find a solution below, reach out and connect, we'd be happy to work with you to find the right solution. Let's find the solution together.  

Ready Made Solutions

New Workshop!

This workshop is geared towards early to mid-level career professionals in service oriented roles who want to 

  • Build more efficiency and effectiveness in their day-to-day work;

  • Save time and resources while maintaining workplace priorities; and

  • Elevate their ability to support multiple people and initiatives without feeling overworked.

This workshop is best presented in person as half the day is filled with "on your feet" activities. ​


The Collaborative Leadership Philosophy (isn't that an oxymoron...?)

In this dynamic and engaging talk, Stacey Olson-Steele reveals what's wrong with the leadership models of the past and makes a compelling case for everyone to lean into Collaborative Leadership. 

Workshop - Part 1

Collaborative Leadership

What makes a great team? Uncover the mystery behind what makes teams thrive and succeed with this dynamic workshop. Live, in-person or virtual delivery available.

Workshop - Part 2

Collaborative Leadership

This is Part 2 of the Collaborative Lead workshop, where your team will discover skills and strategies to use immediately at work. We dig further into team dynamics and apply collaborative perspectives to case studies while learning from group discussions. Live, in-person or virtual delivery available.

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