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Stacey Olson-Steele

Organizational Development Professional




Stacey Olson-Steele is an organizational development professional in BC Canada. With a 20-year career that spans public education, higher education, corporate media and corporate training, Stacey has worked with private, public and franchise organizations across Canada. She facilitates workplace training and development events based on the collaborative leadership philosophy.

In 2012, Stacey started the Collaborative Lead Training Company and released the Traditional vs Collaborative Leaders infographic. When it went viral it was featured on, LinkedIn, and Medium and was translated into 3 different languages including Persian. The infographic resonated with people who wanted more from their jobs and more from their leaders. 


The workplace has changed. 

Leadership has changed. 

The future is collaborative. 

At Collaborative Lead Training our mission is to develop human and organizational potential to co-create healthy workplaces for all. We use research-based organizational design theories and facilitation techniques to deliver events and collaborative experiences for teams and groups who want to move beyond surviving to a state of thriving.  

We believe that developing human potential and healthy workplaces produces thriving business and exponentially helps all of humanity flourish. 

Our work and relationships

are how we learn and develop

into our full human potential.

How we work at Collaborative Lead Training is based on our guiding value statement:

We all belong here (equity, diversity, inclusion)

to help solve problems (curiosity, innovation, lifelong learning)

together (connection, community, collaboration).

"The ultimate power to change our world does not reside in technologies or money.

The paramount power of systemic betterment is human cooperation." 

David Cooperrider and Lindsey Godwin,

OneGiantLeap, Organization Development Review 2022

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