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The workplace has changed.
Leadership has changed. 

The future is collaborative.

What is Collaborative Leadership?

Leaders of today are tasked with the responsibility of going beyond an organization's financial stability to meet sustainability goals and address humanitarian efforts. This is not easy. If we are to rise above business survival, and ensure that our organization thrives for the long term and brings net-positive results, we cannot do this alone. You need a team that's aligned with a higher vision and enabled to bring their highest potential to the task. Also, not easy.

That's where Collaborative Lead Training comes in. We have the tools to help your team align, communicate, and collaborate. 

"Constructive, result-oriented dialogue
and value-based collaboration
is at the core of humankind’s ability
to master sustainability challenges."

Petra Kuenkel, Kristiane Schaefer

Shifting the Way we Co-Create,

Collective Leadership Institute 2013


Collaborative leadership is a workplace philosophy that harnesses your employees' best potential. Let's leverage your employees' desires to take ownership of their work, be heard, and valued for the skills and talents they bring to the team. 


In a collaborative workplace, everyone has value,
every role has value,
and everyone leads knowing
we can do amazing things together.

Employees bring their best to the job when they know they are an integral part of a team and they have a vision to propel them forward. In a collaborative leadership environment, colleagues actively work together to creatively solve business problems. Managers empower their teams with communication (information and feedback), resources (time and training), as well as personalized supports to bring out their team’s highest potential. When a collaborative leadership philosophy is in place, business challenges become minor bumps in the road instead of insurmountable hurdles. 

At Collaborative Lead Training, we're here to help you create a collective vision, build communication strategies to align everyone with that vision, and develop the collaborative skills to bring that vision to life. 

Let's get you and your team moving forward at full potential.
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